Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Beauty of Shiroi Neko Techniques

Our Shiroi Neko t-shirt and Minute Mirth clothing are made with several techniques like stone wash technique or acid wash technique to create the well-worn vintage style and also to make our Shiroi Neko t-shirt soft and comfortable to wear. Moreover, these techniques also make our Shiroi Neko Online Dot Com's t-shirt and Minute Mirth clothing UNIQUE. Because there will be some different wear-and-tear marks in each t-shirt. This is called the beauty ofย Shiroi Neko technique because even you wear the same design of Shiroi Neko t-shirt but you know that there are something different between you and the others. That's unpredictable. Isn't it cool?

Shiroi Neko T-shirt

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  1. I hope that for the next production, the cross symbol design can be reduce.